This project has been funded, in part, by the Government of Canada

Ce projet a été financé, en partie, par le Gouvernement du Canada 

Canadians believe in democracy...

But, trust in the way it works is fraying.


The Strengthening Canadian Democracy initiative seeks to increase the number of Canadians who identify as democracy champions. By exchanging best practices with democratic engagement practitioners and sparking conversations about why our democracy matters among all Canadians, we are working to increase the resiliency of our democratic system.

Democracy is facing a period of volatility around the world. Canadians believe in democracy, but are losing faith in the system and those who lead it.

Canadians are committed to democracy but feel that the system is not working for them and that their frustration with the system stems from feeling unheard and unable to effect change.

The SFU Morris J. Wosk Centre for Dialogue has launched its Strengthening Canadian Democracy project to increase the number of people committed to democratic values and actively participating in our democracy.

The Centre is researching what is driving views of democracy and what is shaping our democratic culture for better or for worse. We are working with practitioners and citizens to move the needle on democratic commitment in Canada.

Is the existence of online disinformation a problem for democracy in Canada?


Not at all a problem


Somewhat of a problem

Honestly, I don't know!


Very serious problem

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Citizens + Institutions

Public Discourse

Civic Education

Canada benefits from strong democratic institutions, as demonstrated by our country's high ratings on global democratic indices. The resilience of these institutions depends in part on a vibrant democratic culture, where Canadians understand and support key democratic principles, and actively take part in the democratic system beyond the mere act of voting. 


The five principles for democratic engagement were developed based on two years of pan-Canadian research, interviews, and analysis. They provide a guide for designing and evaluating a range of democratic processes, from public participation in government decision-making, to civic education, local community action, and the ways we share and discuss information.

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