Renovate the Public Hearing

Renovate: (verb):  to make over again; to restore to freshness or vigor; to renew.


A convener and catalyst

 We are developing a collaboration to pilot changes to the provincial public hearing requirements as a means to enhance social justice, community-building, and strengthen democratic culture

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Improve municipal efficiencies and increase trust in democracy by piloting renovations to the public hearing format to identify recommendations for reforming the Local Government Act and similar legislation such as the Vancouver Charter.



  • Increase public access to justice and understanding of public hearings, related procedural issues, and public engagement best practices.

  • Hold regular space for dialogue and collaboration with various advisors and stakeholders in governance and land-use planning 

  • Create and evaluate scalable community-involved and policy-informed pilots of alternative processes for public hearings. 

  • Recommend evidence-based alternatives to the current public hearing requirements that strengthen democratic competencies and efficiencies



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